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  Adrian Siekierka 43cfbac359 Merge pull request #2 from orthographic-pedant/spell_check/configurable 4 years ago
  orthographic-pedant b7e1eca47a Fix typographical error(s) 4 years ago
  asiekierka 0ea2ae21c9 it compiles now 6 years ago
  asiekierka 6895ea4a4a fix readme again 6 years ago
  asiekierka 0b174c6ab4 fix readme 6 years ago
  asiekierka 19ec641639 more compatibility fixes 6 years ago
  asiekierka decf6cb2fa bugfixes 6 years ago
  asiekierka 3812c30a07 added danbooru2 api emulation; PLEASE REGENERATE 6 years ago
  asiekierka 5243caeefb added prefix DB support 6 years ago
  asiekierka 0043a85d95 added configurable skinning 6 years ago
  asiekierka 5b798f5831 removed config-info 6 years ago
  asiekierka 97e4dc7b1f added readme 6 years ago
  asiekierka f0a93a54d1 added licenses for bundled scripts 6 years ago
  asiekierka 3383ec18b0 upgrade jQuery, add jQuery2 6 years ago
  asiekierka 8b17dee956 configuration refactor, add user tweaking, fix bug 6 years ago
  asiekierka 066e9d23ce factored away template engine, added basic skins 6 years ago
  asiekierka 75b6e6c8b6 added random image support 6 years ago
  asiekierka b05baa7247 bugfix for clouds 6 years ago
  asiekierka 13b2ddd2e0 added tag clouds to menu 6 years ago
  asiekierka 847e297a6f added tag clouds 6 years ago
  asiekierka 5960c76047 added social buttons for images 6 years ago
  asiekierka c213ff9799 wonderful WPZOOM icons 6 years ago
  asiekierka 93b257085f moving around; 6 years ago
  asiekierka 7af6ea5a53 whoops 6 years ago
  asiekierka beb91cbc53 refactored error handling 6 years ago
  asiekierka dfabbf4bee refactored some query parsing code 6 years ago
  asiekierka d27fa6fd8a refactoring, removing stuff 6 years ago
  asiekierka 20eed68db9 put some stuff into util.js 6 years ago
  asiekierka 2c1a1e92a2 added mobile=true 6 years ago
  asiekierka 8446f4ff71 fix lazyload and ajax URLs 6 years ago
  asiekierka a74dc48233 added changes from fluttershy.pl 6 years ago
  asiekierka d3d6a80f34 added license 6 years ago
  asiekierka fd21c3b0cd graceful noscript fallback 6 years ago
  asiekierka 59346bcfc6 added mobile style 6 years ago
  asiekierka 6a18e0d9cb added lazyload support 6 years ago
  asiekierka c1dc19bde6 optimized static img files 6 years ago
  asiekierka 1e1993257d added json errors for /image/ 6 years ago
  asiekierka d31bad057a added mostly functional JSON api 6 years ago
  asiekierka 2b8c6fd93b uses querystring for settings now 6 years ago
  asiekierka 34ab3b132d added config info and new field 7 years ago
  asiekierka 3826f6b1b0 set input password to type password in login 7 years ago
  asiekierka 0de09fb33f removed URL from upload.html temporaily 7 years ago
  asiekierka 2aa4165c3d remove need for author field 7 years ago
  asiekierka de88073b46 fixed two bugs in searchqueries 7 years ago
  asiekierka 267d9b21d6 fix unneeded dependency 7 years ago
  asiekierka c5a5a64789 URL upload! 7 years ago
  asiekierka f4acbe47e0 minor ui change 7 years ago
  asiekierka 13e346a244 added clickable logo 7 years ago
  asiekierka a8ecb989f7 added config.logo, removed cache for now 7 years ago
  asiekierka 5cec081493 fix spacebarred tags 7 years ago