OpenComputers source code for FTB's "Pyramid Reborn" quest map.
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FTB Pyramid Reborn - OpenComputers code

This is the OpenComputers part of the logic for FTB’s “Pyramid Reborn” 1.12.2 quest map.


In general, end-user updates are preferably done by resetting the map with the version from the latest released modpack.

If you are a developer, here’s a short set of commands to update the source code from Git and spread it across computers:

# cd /home
# wget
# wget
# oczip

From there, copy results/ftb-pyramid-reborn-oc/* to the drive root. Finally, reboot the computer and restart the quest provisioning server.


In general, the source code in this repository is licensed under the LGPLv3 license.

Certain source code files under home/ are derived from the octagon project - those specific files can instead be used under the terms of the notices in each respective file.