830 Commits (1.12)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  asiekierka a435dc0270 add slightly wonky corner rendering 3 years ago
  asiekierka 9b9124e6aa fix #20 3 years ago
  asiekierka e27dc892f2 tweak wire connection logic 3 years ago
  asiekierka 5cab89f7bc lots of fixes to wires 3 years ago
  asiekierka e8b7a967d4 fix wire always dropping redstone wire 3 years ago
  asiekierka 280f571e7d add pipe item detection API (close #14), temporaily remove analog signal support 3 years ago
  asiekierka 3b84659a73 a lot of little fixes, fix #15 3 years ago
  asiekierka 1b13df8150 add proper localizations 3 years ago
  asiekierka 78fcbba23e improvements, add analogue signal track keeping, tweak textures, update Forge 3 years ago
  asiekierka 28d93fd61e rendering improvements, temporary recipes 3 years ago
  asiekierka 7c119924a2 insulated, bundled wires, wire rewrite, improvements, bugfixes, oh my! 3 years ago
  asiekierka a3b47b318b rendering cleanup, experimental unfinished insulated cable renderer 4 years ago
  asiekierka 613c4f5951 add corner connections, start work on API, bugfixes 4 years ago
  asiekierka 3f2c78c82c whoops 4 years ago
  asiekierka dfd9f4e4f3 wire name, wire placement/removal, wire item model 4 years ago
  asiekierka 2496842e21 It propagates! Sort of. Lots of debug code. 4 years ago
  asiekierka 3aeaaad31a CharsetWires wire renderer 4 years ago
  asiekierka 32d559b32b add early dump of audio code, dye utils, tweak for dyeing minecarts, inspired by CartLivery 4 years ago
  asiekierka c702bb929a add automatic opening of double doors, from copycore 4 years ago
  asiekierka a6dede4c2d add graphite tweak 4 years ago
  asiekierka 2fc8bb6fb9 port copycore item auto replace implementation for CharsetTweaks 4 years ago
  asiekierka 55c2bdf902 fix pipe items not syncing with client on world load, fix #5, fix item voiding 4 years ago
  asiekierka adff29abd2 fix bugs, change pipe logic a bit 4 years ago
  asiekierka 1903edc587 update Forge, fix #3 4 years ago
  asiekierka 92e87766c0 more thread safety 4 years ago
  asiekierka d5d97664e4 fix incorrect lighting applied to shifter filters 4 years ago
  asiekierka 13c46c18b8 fix #1, improve mcmod.info, fix rendering issues, add IItemInjectable API 4 years ago
  asiekierka 94a8c4e45d fix resources for Pipes, move over and refactor AsieLib streaming audio system 4 years ago
  asiekierka d224058ce6 port to Minecraft 1.8.8 4 years ago
  asiekierka e0997704c4 first commit 4 years ago