Emulator core geared towards emulating ZZT and Super ZZT.
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Zeta consists of:

  • an 8086/80186 emulation core, based on lunatic86,
  • an emulation environment geared specifically towards running ZZT and Super ZZT.

Currently, it has the following front-ends:

  • curses - use ZZT in a terminal (sort of),
  • sdl - primary desktop frontend,
  • web - utilizes the WASM-compiled version of Zeta to allow using Zeta inside a web browser.

Directory structure

  • build/ - contains build output files,
  • src/ - contains the source code to the Zeta emulator, as well as the Curse

Implementing your own front-end

Refer to src/zzt.h. Functions marked USER_FUNCTION are accessible to you to interface with the emulator core, while functions marked IMPLEMENT_FUNCTION should be implemented.

Certain methods can be dummied out:

  • vfs_write - if you don’t need file writing,
  • speaker_on/speaker_off - if you don’t emulate the PC Speaker,
  • vfs_findfirst/vfs_findnext - if you don’t want file lookup to work.

There is, unfortunately, little documentation at this time.


The source code release of Zeta generally available under the terms of the GPLv3 license. For different licensing terms, please contact me directly.

The binary copy available here is for usage by the Museum of ZZT. It may not be used by any other entity, however it is used by the Museum with explicit permission.