119 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  asie e54bde7224 sdl: add turbo button (F9) 2 days ago
  asie 689e9d990a replace shell scripts with Makefile 1 week ago
  asie 65402003f8 web: tweak rendering code, add backwards compatibility for IndexedDB code 2 weeks ago
  asie 8dc3b07e4d beta21 1 month ago
  asie 889c3e6d14 work around bug in window focus 1 month ago
  asie 073a4ca220 fix latency handling regressions in new audio code 1 month ago
  asie 62e5ca44db [web] update to new audio code 1 month ago
  asie 4fe73f789b adapt audio writer to new logic 1 month ago
  asie 380eacc862 fix memory limit code, work on audio code refactors 1 month ago
  asie 4b90b80597 move default memory value to zzt.c 1 month ago
  asie a043bfd64d allow configuring ZZT memory limit 1 month ago
  asie 8f68f8955a [sdl] add icon to Windows builds 1 month ago
  Adrian Siekierka 14a2626bf1 fix audio_stream handling in poor latency situations 1 month ago
  asie 672d437413 beta20 1 month ago
  asie 41f3c3947e beta19 2 months ago
  asie 10c264855c [sdl] add more accurate cycle counting to speaker, todo: fix web version 2 months ago
  asie 5bf9ba97a3 update README.md; still beta18 2 months ago
  asie 1d97476053 beta 18 2 months ago
  asie 8bbeae3ba7 [sdl] add audio capture, rework audio logic a bit 2 months ago
  asie 011593985c [sdl] fix very slight audio jitter, now that note delays are enforced 3 months ago
  asie 67dcde67c9 [sdl] add note delay control 3 months ago
  asie 2745fd326d final beta17 commit 3 months ago
  asie f33d80a5b4 fix non-8x14 character sets; beta 17 3 months ago
  asie adbc700f33 beta 17 3 months ago
  asie 73c231036f [sdl] fix Super ZZT not detecting files part the first 3 months ago
  asie ef86def0a5 [web] translate ZIP filenames to 8.3, preventing ZZT crashes 3 months ago
  asie 383473f73e [sdl] split away renderers from main frontend code 4 months ago
  asie db724ec44d good luck charm 4 months ago
  asie a468e1f0c0 beta 16 4 months ago
  asie f29db691b9 [sdl] libpng screenshot support 4 months ago
  asie adaa58f509 [web] port over SYS_TIMER_TIME change too 4 months ago
  asie 01d542a25b improve SYS_TIMER_TIME, blinking timing accuracy; fix blinking not updating the screen in OpenGL mode 4 months ago
  asie aa6843b233 beta 15 5 months ago
  asie 31d59f7499 [web] add charset/palette loading 5 months ago
  asie 154f047a83 [curses] fix build 5 months ago
  asie 8c41e96181 [sdl] add CHR/PAL/PLD loading support 5 months ago
  Adrian Siekierka 56d0620240 [web] fix minor memory leak, add options.commands 5 months ago
  Adrian Siekierka 2be3155216 [web] make storage quirks configurable for easier code reuse 5 months ago
  Adrian Siekierka 7e58ffdb81 [web] optimizations, new buffer-based audio engine 5 months ago
  Adrian Siekierka e63113bba5 [web] minor fixes 5 months ago
  asie 1d3dd157b4 [web] update UZIP, refactor vfs code 5 months ago
  asie 26ba6403f3 beta 14 5 months ago
  asie 7142cc3c84 [web] uncomment terser 5 months ago
  asie acd5e783f5 [web] new features and optimizations 5 months ago
  asie 61e4fd4034 [web] enable limited LTO, add message when emulation stopped 5 months ago
  asie 891edd79a1 [web] compilation tweaks 5 months ago
  Adrian Siekierka 68c4b9cd9d [web] restore loading screen 5 months ago
  Adrian Siekierka 37b45d6c37 [web] add IndexedDB, LocalStorage support 5 months ago
  Adrian Siekierka 3ce6fe4adf [web] use npm/rollup/babel-based buildsuite, use modern ECMAScript features 5 months ago
  asie 14b482eee2 [psp] many fixes 6 months ago