The client for Voice over IRC. Can't let those newfangled social networks win, eh?
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The Voice over IRC client.

The code is terrible. Sorry. It might get better.


  • Nim (tested with 0.19.2)
  • GNU make
  • Unicode-compliant ncurses
  • codec2 0.8.1 (source)
  • libsoundio 1.1.0 (source)
  • The following Nim packages (install with “nimble install”):
    • irc
    • ncurses
    • soundio


  1. Run “make”.
  2. Run “./voirc IRC server [nickname] ‘[#channel]‘.
  3. Press F12 to toggle voice transmission!


As the registration system on my Gitea instance doesn’t currently quite work, just send the patches via e-mail… if you really want to.