29 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  asie 1efd286db1 mark IVT locations as NOP or IRET depending on implementation presence 1 year ago
  asie f4c8a25036 DAA fix, speed boosts 1 year ago
  asie 393f4b0a90 parity table stores flag value directly 1 year ago
  Adrian Siekierka 6cffbaafa6 further minor speed boost 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka f4cf75960f minor speed boost 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 6a6dd22376 more optimizations, now with limited benchmarks done 2 years ago
  asie 2d5df105ec speedups 2 years ago
  asie 7ba5838fd1 Merge branch 'master' of git.asie.pl:asie/lunatic86 2 years ago
  asie 724338c568 forgot about disabling IPS debug 2 years ago
  asie a7f2a50a30 PIT emulation improvements, +5% speed bump 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 0786c52e9a fix OC bugs, mark off 0.1.1 2 years ago
  asie 80a141ed20 mark 0.1.1 2 years ago
  asie b71c9c5a9a implement INS/OUTS 2 years ago
  asie 2d84302656 add changelog, uncommon fd image size support 2 years ago
  asie 587c387aa0 bugfixes in timer emulation, still wonky 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 1ec3ab3675 fix backspace and down arrow key in curses mode 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 1c1fdc6b42 fix comms.lua 2 years ago
  asie 25e7a725cc minor tweaks 2 years ago
  asie dd132116bb fix 8086 CPU detection, add FPU stubs, add partial 80186 emulation 2 years ago
  asie 60f34175ca allow for putting in /usr/lib on OC 2 years ago
  asie f2260aee71 add command line arguments, precompiled emu_core.lua 2 years ago
  asie 2d44505d8a minor speed bump 2 years ago
  asie a01635f601 improve performance of reduced memory mode, add 64-bit int support 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka a7fe648977 more splitting, memory optimizations 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 386ff266e0 point at some test suites 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 98f49922d7 acknowledge 8086tiny as a valuable thing 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka d20cac683a remove unused files 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka b7bff68c95 update README 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka abbf04fe98 first commit 2 years ago