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  asiekierka bf017a3a1c 64pixels 0.2.2 - minor cleanup, visible map-ticks, update copyright, include license in makefile 3 years ago
  asiekierka c2526a56d7 fix pushiums not being placeable 3 years ago
  asiekierka f71aae9c09 64pixels 0.2.1 3 years ago
  asiekierka 6830e5ba7a fix heartbeat URL 3 years ago
  asiekierka 3e138b0fdb Revert "(temporaily) remove the dungeon generator as it is finite and should be a plugin" 3 years ago
  asiekierka 142d9847a7 add support for 0.0.x maps, revert protocol changes, clean up versions 3 years ago
  asiekierka fbc0b91ffd Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/asiekierka/64pixels 5 years ago
  asiekierka 5d3e2f9bae fix remaining refs 5 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka ac69807ee1 fix remaining refs 5 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka b6e7370820 Merge pull request #15 from twrist/patch-1 5 years ago
  Terry Wrist 523a7ce8ae Change default port to 20064 5 years ago
  Nick Faro 930574365f Fixed plugin loader so it doesn't suck. 5 years ago
  asiekierka 0334c9016b remove copy-pasted code for chat sending 5 years ago
  asiekierka a7e8eab03b readd packet constants, now done properly 5 years ago
  asiekierka a074ab40cd removed duplicate insideRect defs 5 years ago
  asiekierka a2c643bed9 separate two screen modes, closes #8 for now 5 years ago
  asiekierka 314a716d04 random cleanup work 5 years ago
  asiekierka 0dc2823053 Refactor BlockPos to Point 5 years ago
  asiekierka f887f89d1a nowadays, we can ignore older client versions 5 years ago
  asiekierka f127522445 added ExtendedBlock flags, isNetwork 5 years ago
  asiekierka b70971ddde remove freaky gaa 5 years ago
  asiekierka 5b8a58076b even more code cleanup 5 years ago
  asiekierka 397346d1ec added GreaseMonkey's DFPWM library 5 years ago
  asiekierka 08b8546831 add getName method for Client 5 years ago
  asiekierka ef69163ec0 [player] get rid of stupid p prefixes 5 years ago
  asiekierka ef197cfe28 code cleanup 5 years ago
  asiekierka 1f3335664a just make it compile until we get the lib folder 5 years ago
  Nick Faro a202ae313c Doh, forgot something. 5 years ago
  Nick Faro 963bb08e02 Some basics of a wacky plugin system. 5 years ago
  asiekierka bf7f1de0dc fix scaling things 5 years ago
  asiekierka 17cc9a2603 completely rewritten protections code 5 years ago
  asiekierka ce983c2a42 [REGIONS REWRITE] Add rectangles. 5 years ago
  asiekierka 87b2d5104a refactor Copier -> Region 5 years ago
  asiekierka 03df371b91 Revert "Replaced those worthless hex network stuff with constants." 5 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 27e3f17653 Merge pull request #6 from SuperDisk/master 5 years ago
  Nick Faro 6573bb8b97 Replaced those worthless hex network stuff with constants. 5 years ago
  Nick Faro 9b88e78cef Fixed world loading bug, added PROTECTIONS! :D 6 years ago
  asiekierka bf328ff5db change licensing from now on 6 years ago
  asiekierka 83909cdfa8 make checking for block types more runtime-y (useful for future lua stuff) 6 years ago
  asiekierka 2231782e3a documented new chunk format 6 years ago
  asiekierka 36a649bb2a speed up the charset rendering a bit 6 years ago
  asiekierka 57f468c0db refactor isUpdated, isReloaded, isSent 6 years ago
  asiekierka 37bae13fe1 (temporaily) remove the dungeon generator as it is finite and should be a plugin 6 years ago
  asiekierka 76626a052b factor out tuning frequency from Sound 6 years ago
  asiekierka 377b643bb5 remove those retarded Craftr prefixes 6 years ago
  asiekierka baf8539603 fix maxType after removing monsters 6 years ago
  asiekierka 4f21d7106a add reading/saving ExtendedBlocks, refactor saveByte 6 years ago
  asiekierka f474f32aba remove unused functions from CraftrConvert 6 years ago
  asiekierka 98447ccaf1 fix wirium rendering bugs while not impacting packet sending amounts too much 6 years ago
  asiekierka 694cef3135 try to fix weird jenkins bug o_O 6 years ago