31 Commits (1.12)

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  Adrian Siekierka effa1c3e6f port 1.10-era translations to SimpleLogic 1 year ago
  Emirhangg 8e13a376f6 Create tr_tr.lang 1 year ago
  asie 5acf5cd653 Merge branch '1.12' of https://github.com/CharsetMC/Charset-i18n into 1.12 1 year ago
  asie b231855848 add license to compare script 1 year ago
  3TUSK 4c8eb2261a Update zh_cn.lang. Déjà vu. 1 year ago
  3TUSK 66ac751265 Simp. Chinese translation of SimpleLogic 1 year ago
  3TUSK 2f5602302d Update zh_cn.lang 1 year ago
  Adrian Siekierka 6b0c046c83 finish polish translation for latest Git 1 year ago
  Adrian Siekierka f8e813d29c add rough polish translation 1 year ago
  Urey. Xue 52544d5d10
Update zh_cn.lang 2 years ago
  3TUSK af7229f1e9 Update zh_cn.lang 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka cd0c463a4f update pl_pl.lang 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 0a62300795 fix compare.sh for 1.12 2 years ago
  3TUSK 3a80081723 Initialize migration to 1.12 2 years ago
  Urey. Xue accb5f4a0c Update zh_cn.lang 2 years ago
  Urey. Xue a01180cdad Update zh_cn.lang 3 years ago
  Urey. Xue 0dbb8b112d Update zh_cn.lang 3 years ago
  Vexatos 442a291862 Update and rename de_DE.lang to de_de.lang 3 years ago
  3TUSK 15000a9a0b Updaet zh_cn.lang - 1.11 3 years ago
  Urey.X d85e03198c Merge pull request #3 from 3TUSK/zh_CN 3 years ago
  Urey.X 8c493ef3c5 Update zh_CN.lang 3 years ago
  asiekierka 3cd211d5ae rename sk_SK to sk_SK.lang, update pl_PL.lang 3 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 7852c33a00 Merge pull request #2 from leSamo/patch-1 3 years ago
  le Samo b10796e9d3 Create sk_SK 3 years ago
  Vexatos aa79723cbf Create de_DE.lang 3 years ago
  asiekierka a65a9fdeb5 forgot to translate CharsetStorage 3 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka be79e489c1 Merge pull request #1 from 3TUSK/zh_CN 3 years ago
  3TUSK 74e7d4b2c0 Create zh_CN.lang 3 years ago
  asiekierka 549f17b3a0 update README 3 years ago
  asiekierka 122c2fafb9 add Polish translation 3 years ago
  asiekierka 218214c089 first commit 3 years ago