1772 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hampa Hug dd1fe16d48 mac: Support the right windows key on the ADB keyboard 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 95eec596be video: Allocate 12 ports for HGC 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug df19414e2e pri/text: Fix a segfault on malformed input 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 79ce16192b 8255: Switch port a to input if mode 2 is selected 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 113a603c11 ibmpc: Support overriding of switch settings 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 010691d5ac video: Allocate only 8 I/O ports for MDA and HGC 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug f7b07aa99e 8272: Limit the data size to the size requested for 'read track' 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug e783772db6 8272: Skip sectors that have no DAM during 'read track' 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 958fde68d0 terminal: Report magic keys when they are released instead of depressed 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 2267acd9bc ibmpc: Add the "trace" command 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 921ac87ef8 ibmpc: Rearrange the cpu status output 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug f8f82024cc 8086: Change the operation counter from unsigned long long to unsigned int 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug ffcb62076e ibmpc: Main loop optimization 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 9a3565c6ae ibmpc: Cosmetics, fixed indentation 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug bb358d8e20 ibmpc: Fix reporting of disk types in int 13 emulator 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 23f60b9d64 8086: Fix setting of overflow and carry flags for IMUL 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 66a4371f8d aym: Add option -t to set a delay threshold 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 572107c9b5 video/x11: Fix an infinite loop on 8 bit displays 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug c5c83f3af2 video/plantronics: Fix alternate plane access 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 896b3c5058 psi/cp2: Fix array size 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 5b2fa4e6d4 atari/midi: Write a tempo event to midi files 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 3bfcf04be2 atari/midi: Don't automatically open new midi files after delays 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 5aab70e4b7 atari/midi: Add a message to set a new midi output file 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 3a3e347e05 atari/midi: Create a type 0 midi file instead of a type 1 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug c9206688ad Add the aym utility 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug e5f2624b3e psi: Add a few more known raw disk geometries 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 968dd85dfd psi: Suppport loading and saving raw images in HCS mode 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 6da73de309 ibmpc: Add function sim_stop() 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug f6bc4d8840 8086: Modify single-step interrupt checking 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug cccd67f949 8272: Implement the read deleted data command 3 years ago
  Hampa Hug 75472c6ec7 pri/text: Support the INDEX keyword to set the index position 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 0ca85efeed cpm80: Add a CP/M-80 emulator 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug d42e72f702 char: Support registering and unregistering character drivers at runtime 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug dc2f783a50 ibmpc: Fix switch settings for RAM sizes smaller than 64K 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 0610121eda 8086: Implement the SALC instruction 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 045f0ec5d2 rc759: Set the wd179x default track size 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 04883bb570 rc759: Flush the track buffer before loading a new image 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 7f6d0d0f76 wd179x: Initialize non-existing tracks to a default size 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 2efa486429 Don't install ROMs from contrib/rom, even if they exist 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 72f1e101b4 pri: Better byte alignment for the output of "decode text" 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 5d63b2fb7c pri: Add the command "mfm-align-am" to align the track with address marks 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug f6c99f176b sound/oss: Set the default device to /dev/dsp 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 88f3e8bedb sound/oss: Support the NONBLOCK option 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug f1325ef64a sound: Add new functions snd_set_opts() 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 2d13241bae Atari: Add support for the viking monochrome graphics card 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug c086f5a3e3 atari: Better handle magic keys 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug b448f8399c atari: Fix a typo that slightly affected clocking 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 17e50f0d60 sim405: Update the default config file 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug 4d2032e67f sim405: Don't stop the emulation on an illegal opcode 4 years ago
  Hampa Hug cfda91b354 sim405: Fix the timer and serial clocks 4 years ago