Port of the atari800 emulator to the 3DS.
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build-cia.sh 464B

  1. #!/bin/sh
  2. bannertool makebanner -i src/3ds/banner/atari800-banner.png \
  3. -a src/3ds/banner/silence.wav -o atari800-cia.bnr
  4. bannertool makesmdh -s "atari800" -l "atari800 computer emulator (0.2.0)" -p "atari800 team" \
  5. -i src/3ds/banner/atari800-icon.png -o atari800-cia.smdh -r regionfree
  6. makerom -f cia -elf atari800-3ds.elf -icon atari800-cia.smdh -banner atari800-cia.bnr \
  7. -desc app:4 -v -o atari800.cia -target t -exefslogo -rsf src/3ds/banner/atari800.rsf