2380 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Adrian Siekierka 520bad0890 fix SHIFT/CTRL+L not working, restore old rendering code, minor improvements, enable R: device (not working yet?) 2 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka c1583c643c Fix dual POKEY/16-bit audio support 3 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 1ab60aa268 rewrite rendering code 3 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 2f8e33e879 atari800-3ds 0.2.4 3 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 6c2a7a2753 dpad_as_keyboard now configurable, config.h tweaks 3 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 9da1eb0834 add second fire input for 5200 emulation 3 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka e0cac46d46 fix Atari 5200 joystick support, 0.2.3 3 years ago
  Adrian Siekierka 0148c25ca2 remove sf2d dependency, use citro3d 3 years ago
  asiekierka 1f1fa812b5 add code for d-pad joystick/keyboard toggle (no ui option yet), try recalibrating circle pad blindly 3 years ago
  asiekierka a56181dfec apparently 16-bit sound is still broken on real hardware... 3 years ago
  asiekierka d49cd33adf atari800-3ds 0.2.1, minor optimizations 3 years ago
  asiekierka a410ede010 fix RSF, add 16-bit audio support and rudimentary Atari 5200 keypad 3 years ago
  asiekierka 6c1d8b67ed 0.2.0a - fix input offsets 3 years ago
  asiekierka f47b6a60f1 atari800 0.2.0 3 years ago
  asiekierka 4ddc9331c5 remove unused features, optimize a bit 3 years ago
  asiekierka b5b462dfee Initial 3DS port 3 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski 2d79c62ef7 Updates from the official Debian package. 3 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski dbf343b174 Fix improper use of SDL_PollEvent - caused keyboard input lag when 3 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski dbbce5a5fb Fix segfault when using -nojoystick. 3 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski 619dd0b2e6 Fix convoluted "if" condition. 4 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski 25511fe4a2 Suggested by Avery Lee: Fix SIO error codes with SIO patch enabled. This 4 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski 6f367f1c24 Some tapes try to read from disk while the tape motor is on (case in 4 years ago
  Christian Groessler 3571c54a29 some cleanups in the DC routines 4 years ago
  kr0tki c9a99e3f60 Avoid segfault on switching TV system while sound is disabled. 4 years ago
  Christian Groessler 5d4d0f5d98 fix formatting 4 years ago
  Christian Groessler 715a89516f dc/Makefile.dc: adapt to new KOS ports directory layout 4 years ago
  Christian Groessler d11267e73d update copyright years; prevent an "unused parameter" compile-time warning 4 years ago
  Christian Groessler a2780086ec * dc/Makefile.dc, dc/atari_dc.c, dc/config.h, dc/displayscreen.S: 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler fdd8e5470e fix typo 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler 38222d4607 remove executable permissions on file which don't need them 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler 07397d2062 add .gitignore 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler dc9fb9a214 fix 'clean' target 5 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski d37ac22335 Rename "Slow loading of XEX" to "Slow booting of DOS binary files" - XEX is just one of the extensions of such files. 5 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski 4613035c19 Achim Haertel's patch fixes emulation crash when slow loading of DOS binary files is turned off during such loading. 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler a88d5bd6ef revert last change (was meant to go into a local branch) 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler 886bc08e94 intermediate (optimizing ASM) 5 years ago
  Petr Stehlík 859b24925a four real joysticks 5 years ago
  Petr Stehlík 55e0a9901c fix compiler warning about unused result 5 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski 5f481ab65c Map F7 to temporarily stop slow loading of DOS binary files, in addition to its standard "Break" key mapping. 5 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski 926e981e4a Achim Haertel's patch adds an option to slow down the loading of DOS binary files ran using "Run Atari Program". 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler e532da29d1 Remove warnings when compiling on FreeBSD/i386 10.1 with llvm. 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler 4ce732e2ca * atari_x11.c (PLATFORM_Initialise): Preinitialize image_data buffer to 5 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski f5ea15fbd5 Fix an infinite recursion with enabled NEW_CYCLE_EXACT, disabled PAGED_ATTRIB, when the ANTIC display list is pointed to GTIA registers. The recursion was: ANTIC_UpdateScanline -> draw_partial_scanline -> antic_load -> MEMORY_CopyFromMem -> MEMORY_GetByte -> MEMORY_HwGetByte -> GTIA_GetByte -> ANTIC_UpdateScanline. 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler b6968187e4 * dc/atari_dc.c: Remove obsolete comments. 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler 970aa0917d updated for upcoming 0.79 release 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler cdbd9d56a5 dc/atari_dc.c: Parse "DOUBLE_BUFFERING" from atari800.cfg, setting the 'db_mode' 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler b1c074d6e3 add 'DOUBLE_BUFFERING' line, defaulting to enabled 5 years ago
  Christian Groessler f58dfd83c4 Adapt controller and keyboard detection to new KOS version 5 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski bd32e23c3f Remove an invalid cast. 5 years ago
  Tomasz Krasuski 5916adcba2 Fix a bad cast that resulted in crash when changing display resolution. 5 years ago